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the use of force 使用武力; [例句]The treaties renounce the use of force and pledge the two countries to co-operation. 条约声明放弃使用武力,并保证两国将进行合作。

the theme revoles around power and submission and the doctor's unnerved feeling following the forceful encounter.

B 。A) in search of 寻找 B) in pursuit of追求、寻求 C) in view of考虑到、由于 D) in light of按照,根据题意应选B)。

U can use this for reference http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/CATM101301-261597-use-force-2009-education-ppt-powerpoint/

the use of military force faces strong opposition among key US allies where opinion polls show overwhelming majorities of the population support a peaceful ...


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